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Finding Your Flow: A CosmicVibrations Guide to Connecting your Hoop to your Body and Mind

Written by Sponsored hooper, Ariane Logan.

The flow arts have quickly become a psychedelic spark of interest over the last few years across the globe. Hula hooping has come far from "Wham-O" 's original expectations, evolving into this magical, fairy like, total therapeutic action for tons of people; men and women alike. With an ever-growing community, I find myself more and more often contemplating how each person so personally connects and breathes life into their little plastic circle. Everyone has a different muse and set of interests and inspirations that fire them up to initially try hooping. Some people are coming from a "work out" angle, some are mesmerized by the seemingly impossible tricks and silk like motions. The geometrics and aesthetics are infinitely pleasing, and the end result looks so beautiful and satisfying.

The truth is, you can groove with a hoop for a long time before you develop your own personal "flow". (I certainly did! And it evolves daily!) So for whatever reason you've become attracted to this mind blowing love, know that the ups and downs are all just a smaller part of a bigger connection that you will unlock, the elusive term, your "flow". Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or out of this world hooper, unlocking a new motion or trick is exciting! Enough to make your day! A cool trick can be drilled endlessly until you finally hit it that one sweet time and feel that *CLICK* - And what an AMAZING feeling! But what I have found recently that is equally, if not more pleasing, is when you're charged up, in the moment, flowing in your most comfortable of environments, (I prefer outdoors with no music) and for an unrecognizable amount of time you're lost. In a good way. Without noticing, you're smiling, not trying to keep track of what tricks you've already displayed, nor the ones you have to squeeze in the next :26 for your Instagram video. Without noticing, you've created a pattern in which your fingers dance and cross your hoop in ways you may not have understood the importance of before. Without noticing, you've nailed a trick that is easy for you, but exited it differently, or accidentally flown into a new plane. When these things happen repeatedly, you're developing your own unique *flow*. The way your favorite sized hoop wraps and rolls across your curves promotes this indescribable feeling - a good flow sesh not only leaves you sweaty and dehydrated, but sexy! Brand new! Clear minded! A fire flow leaves you feeling empowered, positive, and PROUD. As hoopers we encourage and help one another to continue to soak up these cosmic juices and spit them back out at each other. We help each other mesh and mush together on our own flow. There are a few important points to unlocking and progressing your healthy, sensual, and personal motion. How do you hold your hoop? Do you ever try your (NOT go-to) moves with your non-dominant hand? Are you in a "happy place" where you can concentrate on how the hoop is rotating on your body? How your fingers are weaving across the tubing? FEELING that hoop slide like butter and being conscious of how that is happening is key in your development. It sounds so simple, but I love to hoop alone, and think to myself, "I can feel the hoop hit me here, at this point, where my feet follow behind, their soles are grounded, my fingers are nimble, and itching to weave this way or that."

I believe that a strong body-mind connection is so necessary to your individual connection with your hoops. There's this easily attainable sensation of the universe wrapping itself around you as you spin into eternity, it becomes that all you can do is hone your focus into the 30 or so inches surrounding you, never taking that feeling for granted, for no one can steal your flow. We all strive to be a different colored fish in an abstract rainbow ocean, which is ironic, because there are no two of us the same. Truth is, our magic is each our own, and we polish it in our own due time, make it personal, and lots of times, not even realizing how much you're developing in the meantime. Aligning your favorite toy with your body, mind, and soul is not always easy. Not all moments and places are conducive to escalation/progression. We are all bound to have days when we just can't hoop it out, or to fall into a God knows how long "hoop rut". Be real with yourself at all times - sometimes our chakras are just out of whack. As frustrating as this is, I find taking a break for a day or so can leave me returning to my toys with all new inspiration, having missed my hoop I feel all these different motions AND emotions coming out of me, and those are some of the times I make the greatest leaps and strides in my hoop journey. When you define your graceful science that is your own flow, hold it high. When you already have developed your natural body's wonders, never let yourself believe you've hit a wall. The core of your flow may never change but the levels of wonder will forever rise and fall; through the good sessions and even the horribly frustrating ones. We are lucky to be part of such a loving, supportive community. Aligning your hoop to your body and mind are infinitely important, but being a part of such a thriving connective is a strong protective net for your flow. You're never alone, but always your own!! 

Happy hooping!

-Ariane Logan

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