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 Q: What are the differences between each kind of tubing?




PE -aka- POLYETHYLENE TUBING - This tubing is typically used for beginners, or fitness hoops. This is the heaviest tubing that I carry and is great to start your hoop journey with! the heaviness slows the hoop so you can learn the flow. Most PE hoops I make for beginners range from 35"-40" diameter. If you're unsure of what size to choose from, feel free to contact me! 

HDPE -aka- HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE - This type can be great for beginners to advanced hoopers, it all depends on preference. I carry two sizes, 3/4" which is the heaviest of the two, and 5/8" at the lightest. HDPE is very durable and a great hoop to use in the cold winter months, it will not crack in colder temperatures like Polypro.

Polypro -aka- POLYPROPYLENE - The lightest tubing that I carry, feather light if you will. Polypro is very rigid, bouncy, and very responsive. There are two sizes available, again, 3/4" being the heaviest, and 5/8" at the lightest. This tubing is great for both intermediate and advanced hoopers. Be careful using any Polypro hoop in temperatures below 50 degrees, it can crack or snap with just the right amount of force. Don't let that scare you away though, Polypro is a great option to have in your hoop collection!

Q: what size hoop should i start with?

Well, that depends on what kind of style you are wanting to learn!

Basic Beginner (most common), on-body, and off-body.

For off-body, you may want to grab something a little lighter with a smaller diameter (typically around 26"-30") to nail those fast moves. Something like 3/4" or 5/8" Polypro or HDPE.

For on-body, and Basic Beginner I definitely suggest getting something with a larger diameter and heavier tubing, like 3/4" HDPE or PE.

Are you stuck wondering what size hoop you need as a beginner (Basic & on-body)? We have the answer for you!

Take a peek at the chart below.

Q: Help! I entered an incorrect mailing address for shipping!
Please contact me as soon as possible if you gave me an incorrect address. Once your hoop or wand ships I have no way of updating said address. Always double check your address before submitting an order!

Q: i just received my hoops, what should i do now?
Remove the bubble wrap and tape. It's always a good idea to leave your hoops unconnected for a day in a warm room, or outside in the sun.

Q: help! My hoops are wonky/misshapen!
No worries! This is actually quite common, and usually an easy fix! The best way is to get your hoop warm, but setting it in the sunlight on a hot day, or heating it up with a hair dryer. Once your hoop is warm, do some arm or knee hooping! Hooping with your hoop is also one of the best ways to get your circle back into shape! If you have any other questions about shaping your hoop up, please contact me!

Q: my hoop just snapped! what can i do? can you fix it?
We offer FREE basic hoop repairs! All you need to do is pay for shipping. If your hoop is broken at or near the connector, chances are it can be fixed. If not, it can be made into a sectional or smaller hoop for a small fee. We also re-tape hoops for a small fee!

Please contact me if you are in need of a repair.  

Q: Do you make complete custom hoops?
Yes! Custom designs are my specialty. Do you have a certain theme or intricate design in mind? I can make that dream a reality! Please contact me for a custom request. Check out my gallery, or Instagram (@cosmicvibehoops) for examples.


-Taped and Bare hoops above 24" are made with a push button/rivet connection.

-Taped and Bare hoops under 24" will have a double riveted connection.

- Please note that hoop diameter measurements are not exact, but are cut as accurately as possible. This is because tape measures are not created equally.

-Sectional hoops are made to be put in a specific order. If you want your hoop made in a certain order, please let me know during checkout. each hoop section is numbered with "a, b, c.. 1, 2, 3.." on the back of your push buttons. Instruction/care sheets will be provided with each sectional hoop for additional info.


You can always contact me through email, Instagram, or Facebook for any questions regarding size or tubing!

Emai l-
Instagram - @cosmicvibehoops (don't forget to tag your items with #cosmicvibeflow to be featured !)
Facebook page -
Facebook Group - Cosmic Vibe Flowmies

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