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Ashley Martindale

Established entertainment performer, Ashley Martindale of Ash Hoops Entertainment, has been dancing with hula hoops since 2016. Receiving her certification for teaching fitness classes in 2017,  Ash knows all the ways to safely & creatively hula hoop. Performing at various venues around the GTA & Dufferin County (ON, CAN) Ash always brings a unique & exciting show to the stage for all ages! In 2019, she grasped the art of using multiple hoops, juggling, & fire hoops. Along with her hula hoop addiction, Ash also uses other props such as, poi, pixel whips, palm torches, fans, torches, and juggling clubs. Ash's love for the flow arts is ever expanding & her dream is to continue performing & run away to the circus (well, just to join the circus).

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