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Jeremy Rand

Jeremy Rand, also occasionally known as, Spacedragon The Flaccid Broccoli, (@flaccidbroccoli) is a hula hoop artist, enthusiast, hobbiest, and certified goofball, living in sunny south Florida. He began his hoop journey in 2009, when a friend, who’d seen his passion for performance in his high school’s color guard, introduced him to the art form. He’s basically never stopped since. Hooping has opened so many doors and introduced him to so many wonderful people who share the same passion. It’s allowed him the chance to teach at festivals, perform at shows, and entertain and inspire children of all ages at street fairs and retirement homes. Most often, however, the best place to catch a glimpse, is on the web. His favorite thing to do is write, film, and perform routines to post online. His main focus is multihoop circus style tricks. He hopes to inspire more people to pick up the craft, and be a face to demonstrate that hooping is for everybody and anybody. No matter your size, shape, or gender.

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